Birthday Present to Self

May 1st, 2013.  I am 52 today.

my one of a kind Korean birthday cake
my one of a kind Korean birthday cake from Ikiru Sushi

It was a beautiful day here in Fergus, Ontario.  I sat in a park for my meditation and began the next leg of my journey.  I have set my intention.  I am going to practice every day for the coming year.  I am stating this here as a support to my self and hopefully as an encouragement for you.

Vipassana (Insight) Meditation has literally changed my life.  I have followed this path and these teachings ardently ever since I sat my first 10 day retreat.  I am so grateful to have amazing teachers and mentors: Molly Swan, Norman Feldman and Michael Stone from True North Insight. 

Another great support is the Insight Timer App.  I love this app.  There is a free version and a paid version.  I think the paid one is well worth it.  You can join our “RiverSound Retreat – Vipassana” group on this app.   We also share practice every Saturday morning and Monday evening at the studio.  Check out the Calendar page of this site.  Join in and we will support each other in the practices of calming, concentrating, cultivating heart-opening and most importantly, wisdom.

Let me know if I can support you on your journey,

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