Yoga and Meditation by the River

At the end of the winding pathway, you discover the studio that has been intentionally created for this location and use.  A large radiant-floor-heated circular building with wooden rafters and skylight, this one-of-a-kind yurt has been skillfully designed for the purposes of self-exploration and interconnection.  Our studio is ’round for a reason’.  Circles create community and that is what we are all about at RiverSound.  Like a compass we are invited to explore our center and our interconnection, breath by breath. In this yurt, you are as close to nature as a building allows. You hear each raindrop, the waves of the river, gusts of wind and the call of birds while remaining completely sheltered from the elements.

The space offers opportunities to explore boundaries and depths, to transform fears and concerns into forward movement, to strengthen awareness and move closer to the quiet stillness of our inner selves.  You feel the energy and intention of the space the moment you enter.

Located alongside the Grand River, RiverSound Yoga & Meditation Retreat just outside of Fergus, a short distance from Elora, Center Wellington & Guelph, Ontario is a refuge of peace.  A unique location for team development workshops, staff retreats, meetings and corporate events, this facility also lends itself beautifully to spiritual retreats, family reunions and community-based special occasions.

RiverSound works towards sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible practices by encouraging respect for nature in the same way we respect one another as individuals.

Contact Jill for more information about rentals and classes.