Airport Survival Kit

Airport Survival Kit
Airport Survival Kit

Yes, I am on of those people that puts their legs up the wall in airports.

We recently had a lovely trip to Oaxaca, Mexico but had an unfortunate night “sleeping” in the Mexico City airport on our arrival trip and a 5 hour layover in Houston on our way home. Here are a few of my tips for staying well with these challenges:

Find a quiet corner of the terminal. Put your sweater/coat on the floor, lay down and put your shins up on a chair or take your legs all the way up the wall (my fav). This relieves stress and fluid buildup in the legs. If your hamstrings (back of the thighs) are tight let your hips rest a few inches away from the wall. If you’d like a deeper but still restful hamstring stretch let your hips be close to the wall.

I also like put my elbows on a window ledge or chair back and walking the feet back so the body comes to a right angle. This is a lovely shoulder opener and counteracts the forward rounding posture of our daily habits.

Lastly, instead of getting another caramel or mocha latte try Coconut Water. It’s a no fat, low calorie, high in potassium, yummy way to prevent dehydration.

Happy travels

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